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WIRDS3 Cloud Object Storage

WIRDS3 Cloud Object Storage is an easy, economic way for WIRD clients to flexibly enlarge storage capacity for the duration of a project or on a permanent basis. We employ state-of-the-art technology for best results and user-experience.

Dynamic scalability and growth

Object Storage is the right choice for any storage requirement: Start with just a few GB and scale as needed without the need to partition your data. Object storage is also an ideal foundation for the Internet of Things (IoT) and big-data applications.

Immense range of applications

Object storage is particularly suitable for unstructured data or as backup, disaster recovery and archiving storage. Benefit from better scalability, reliability and speed compared to storing files in a file system. 

Easy Integration

Address your data on our object storage via the 100% native S3 API and integrate the object storage into any application or workflow. Use the smart web-based management console, an S3-compatible client or library which is available for many programming languages.

100% Swiss Datacenter

Highly available, secure and scalable data centers and network infrastructure form the basis for WIRD Enterprise Cloud Services. We operate two data centers (tier level 4 / level 3) according to the latest standards. Your data is securely stored in Switzerland.

Data availability & redundancy

The object storage platform is designed to be redundant and highly available. The Object Storage stores each object on three storage nodes in our data center. This ensures maximum efficiency, security and availability of your applications and data.

Cloud Computing Glossary
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