WIRDCloud Colocation / Housing Services

Do you have several machines or a complex platform which you would like to host in a quality data centre in Switzerland? WIRD Cloud provides any size of colocation / housing space in a shared rack or entire racks in a private colocation space. Together with our partners Brainserve / Lausannes and Equinix / Geneva offer tier 4 and tier 3 data center facilities. Your can access your infrastructure 24 hours / 365 days with your personal access badge.

What Our WIRD Colocation Service offers
  • Data center standard levels Tier 4 & 3

  • ISO 27001 certification

  • 100% Swiss-based and Swiss-managed

  • IP Public and Transit IP, guaranteed bandwidth

  • Cross-connect telco, Cloud Fabrics, internet access

  • Secure access to your infrastructure 24/7

  • Accommodation from a third of a rack upwards, including 16/32A power supply

  • Backup power supply (UPS and generator)

  • Redundant air conditioning

  • Gas fire detection and suppression

  • Personal access badge to open your private space

  • Customer interface for real-time information (power consumption, bandwidth used, etc.) available

  • Support helpdesk 5 d x 10 h

Our Colocation Service Plans in a
Tier 4 Data Center
Colocation Services Options
  • Sale of IT material (Server, Storage, Switches, Firewalls)

  • Monitoring-as-a-Service

  • Managed services

  • Additional network ports available

  • Remote restart of electrical outlets through the customer interface

  • IP addresses

  • Additional bandwidth

  • Transit in Full BGP

  • Network connection to another service provider

  • Data backup on our WIRDCloud Servers

  • Backup your data to a data centre more than 50 kilometres away

  • Easy upgrade to one of our other WIRDCloud Services (Hosting, IaaS, PaaS, etc.)

Why use WIRD Colocation Services 
  • The popularity of shared data centres has grown enormously in recent years. Such solutions now represent one of the largest market segments in the IT world.

  • Typically, the WIRD colocation data centres provide the space, power, cooling, bandwidth and physical security while the customer installs its own switching, server and storage solutions.

  • The "white space" is typically used by our WIRD clients for individual height units of racks, cages or entire areas according to customer requirements. Until now, colocation data centres have been used by companies almost exclusively for disaster recovery.

  • The low CAPEX and OPEX have now attracted companies of all sizes to the WIRD Colocation spaces who find it financially more advantageous and easier to outsource their data centre requirements. Especially medium sized companies or companies with limited IT specialist human resources find it very attractive to focus their attention on their core business and still have state-of-the-art information technology services.

  • Furthermore, for many companies, outsourcing non-core activities is also part of a risk reduction strategy. This also facilitates the financing, operation, maintenance and ongoing upgrading of their own IT infrastructure. This business model brings with it special challenges: tenants require specific and different room configurations and have individual security requirements. Colocation data centres therefore face special challenges in terms of infrastructure.

  • Security is a basic requirement for colocation, as private access to server and storage racks is essential. In order to provide uninterrupted operation to customers requiring such a quality of service, WIRD Colocation Service offers appropriate infrastructure rely on high-performance, high-quality products that ensure that services operate efficiently and reliably and around the clock.  In such a competitive market, service providers with infrastructures that are not based on state-of-the-art technology therefore have no future.

  • Clients of WIRD Colocation services can chose between certified Tier 4 / ISO 27001 and Tier 3 / ISO 27001 facilities for their computing, compliance or security requirements.