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How to find WIRD SA, Geneva Office

WIRD SA, Geneva
81, Av. Louis-Casaï
1216 Genève                       022 300 22 79

The WIRD AG office in Geneva, is located near the airport of Geneva. Avenue Louis-Casaï is one of the large streets leading from the central areas of the town to the airport. The office is located in a business center building also containing a hotel, restaurants and other business. The WIRD office is located on the first floor.

There is only very limited visitor parking in Avenue Louis-Casaï itself, but about 150 m further towards the airport, there is a car parking. There are a few spaces behind the building or along the Chemain du Ruisseau, a perpendicular side street just next to the building.

But also with public transport, you can reach the office well. The main trolley line nr. 10 passes on Avenue Louis-Casaï and brings you in 19 minutes to the Geneva main station without having to change.

Please ring the bell at the entrance door on first floor.

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